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Bajrang Dal accused of “Arms Training Camp” Calls self-defense camp

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Mumbai : The Bajrang Dal has denied all the accusations against them . A non-governmental organisation (NGO) has claimed that the participants in the camp were trained for handling firearms. Moreover, the NGO claims that it has come across some pictures which proves their claims . One can see Bajrang Dal participants allegedly handling rifles in Seven Square Academy premises . The academy controlled and owned by BJP legislator Narendra Mehta on Facebook.

“What kind of danger are they trying to avert in this country by holding arms-training camps? This is just an attempt to brainwash the youth and create an environment of fear against the members of a specific community. We want a police complaint to be filed against Narendra Mehta and the school authorities on charges of trying to create tensions between different communities,” NGO member Sadiq Badshah told NDTV.

Likewise, he added to his statement that he along with his group had planned to protest against Bajrang Dal.  “Our group — the Democratic Youth Federation of India — will hold an agitation in coordination with secular parties at 8:30 pm today. We just have one demand: That the authorities clamp down on events intended to create divisions in society,” he said.

Claims of Bajrang Dal:

First of all the Bajrang Dal claims that the camp was nothing more than the routine exercise camp. “We only held events such as running, long-jumping, rappelling and yoga at the camp. The allegations levelled against us are untrue. This is a conspiracy to defame Hindi organisations at a time when the BJP is in power,” event coordinator Sandeep Bhagat said.

A police complaint not yet lodged . Consequently, the police is inquiring into this matter and currently trying to figure out the motive behind this camp.

Most noteworthy, Bajrang Dal involved in such scenarios in the past as well.  In 2016, police registered a case against Ayodhya Bajrang Dal chief Mahesh Mishra . The case came into loght ater a video went viral which showed activists training with weapons at a “self-defense camp”.


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