Billionaires are rapidly growing in India, China and Hongkong Than USA

The number of billionaires has increased drastically, as per a new report, which says there were 2,754 super-rich individuals alive until last year.

It should be noted that last year saw a record increase in billionaire population in 2017. They now control around $9.2 trillion in wealth worldwide which is a 24% increase from 2016.

In conclusion, USA still has 25 percent of the global billionaire population with 680 individuals. But what is interesting to know is that it is followed by China  with 338 and India with 104 rich people. In total Asia overtook North America for the first time in terms of numbers.

The top 10 richest billionaires have $660 billions, equal to to 7.2 % of other global billionaire’s net worth and also about 0.8 % of world GDP.

In terms of cities,  New York remains the city of choice for Billionaires to live. But it’s closely followed by HongKong, San Franciso and Beijing and Mumbai at No 9.

Other cool fact is that, Last year saw an 18% increase in the number of female billionaires world-wide, compared to a 14.5% increase in the number of male. You go girl!

Find the Billionaire Charts for validation below:

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