BJP: Hema Malini armed with a broom – Swachh Bharat 5/5 (6)

BJP Hema Malini

The BJP MPs took part in the cleaning drive. As a part of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Swachh Bharat Abhiyan campaign.

Hema Malini, BJP lawmaker showed up on Saturday. At the cleanliness drive in the parliament. With full enthusiasm and broom in one hand. She was among several BJP MPs including Minister of State for Finance Anurag Thakur. Who swept away the dirt in the Parliament.

The BJP MPs and other members of the party. Participated in this cleaning mission as a part of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Swachh Bharat Abhiyan campaign.

Hema Malini slammed by the internet

Video of BJP Hema Malini cleaning the premises of Parliament. Became viral on social media. With full of Twiteratti slamming over her contribution. Tagging it to be fake. A whole scenario built just for the photo-shoot.

Certainly most of the comments are harassing and inhumane. Some are even questioning the reality behind the video and the photo. Some are even asking if she has ever held a broom in her life before.

This cleanliness drive was initiated by the Lok Sabha speaker Om Birla.

Apart from Hema Malini, who is the Party’s MP from Mathura. Many other lawmakers including Anurag Thakur and Rajnath Singh. Took part in the drive.

But Hema Malini being the Basanti of everyone’s eyes. Is being immensely trolled all over the internet.

Above all these Bollywood stars easily gives a really amazing topic. Over which the internet can laugh about.


Here are some rally slamming comments. This incident has become a topic to either talk about or make fun of. The nitizens have gone crazy over the matter.

Hence they are even commenting if she had ever cleaned her own house on her own. Being a Bollywood celerity turned politician this is something one has faces. This clearly shows that the motive behind participating in the motion completely fails.

As rather than motivating others for cleaning. The video is doing it’s best for keeping the people entertained. And certainly created a huge fuss over the internet.



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