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BJP NDA: Surely it is 21st century, surely it is 2019, and surely India is developing at a rocket pace, being on the pinnacle of development and growth. But are we really moving forward? Our so called progressive attitude calls for a reality check for us, to come out of the utopia we think we ‘The Millennial’ live in. It is agonizing to learn that our pride of capitalism is killing the most vulnerable, our growing intolerance is being glorified as ‘Nationalism’, our national capital is notorious as the rape capital and the morning newspaper is fraught with various unimaginable and bone chilling crimes.

We have chosen our BJP government to end our scourge for the next 5 years. Here are some of the major issues in our country for which we expect a resolution-

Save our women.

gang raped

We need no more acknowledgements for this because “A survey conducted by the Thomson Reuters Foundation has ranked India as the world’s most dangerous country for women, ahead of Afghanistan, Syria and Saudi Arabia.” Our hearts are already sinking with gut wrenching reports of rape and assault towards half of the population of our country. Our legislation will continue to stand as mere dead words until we execute the laws. Self defense for women, gender sensitivity in public places and stringent punishments will dignify our women. Considering the gravity and sensitivity of the problem, it is required to set up special courts for passing swift and harsh judgment in crimes against women to keep injustices and brutality against them at bay.

Invest in the resources, human resources.


India has immense potential. We are a nation inventing life-changing technologies with explosion of startups and vortex of ideas. But why are we still not encouraging our youth to take up those researches? Funding of research and development sector is inadequate. To develop as a nation, the BJP government needs to step up and instigate our youth and foster researches. This will not only help in discovery of our latent skills and unexplored potential but will also mitigate gigantic problems of poverty and unemployment.

BJP NDA Learn Better, Play well!

Our Education system and low literacy rate are equally dreaded problems. Yet the figures of our investment in the national budget do no justice. Sex Education is still frowned upon in our country. Our classrooms are still more focused on teaching us ‘imaginary numbers’ rather than real life skills. Learning by doing approach is the need of the hour. A practical approach over rote learning will lead to skill based education. Rural education should be more emphasized to end the perpetuating nature of poverty.
The sports sector of our country is in an equally dismal condition. The performances of our country across disciplines were far below normal in the Rio Olympics. To make things worse, until the point they prove themselves, there’s very little incentive for these hardworking and passionate individuals. School and colleges are the places to discover true talent. An integral part of education should be sports.

The government needs to understand that THE YOUTH is the answer to everything that is wrong with our country. There is no dearth of talented persons in India. All we need is proper grooming, encouragement and motivation.
Yes, we have the longest and one of the finest constitutions in the world. Yet we need more than just changes. We need a revolution of ideas and the way we the think and act.

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