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BJP worker washed Feet of MP and Drank water – Yukk


BJP MP from Godda, Dr. Nishikant Dubey shared a photo of OBC BJP worker Pawan Sah drinking water after washing MPs foot in front of thousands of people. When criticized, he justified the Incident by comparing this incident with Krishna & Mahabharata.

Furthermore, Dubey says it is an expression of the supporter’s love for him. But, will Dubeyji wash Modiji’s feet and drink the dirty water ? If not , does it mean he does not love Modi

This should not be politicized, what crime did I commit if I washed his feet &drank water? It was my sentiment. He is like my elder brother. But, will file case against all those slandering me: Pawan Sah, BJP worker who washed the foot of BJP Jharkhand MP Nishikant Dubey drank the water

Still wondering what to make out of a political worker washing the feet of Jharkand MP Nishikant Dubey’s feet and then drinking that water~

a) act of devotion

b) act of sycophancy

c) MP should not have allowed this to happen

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