Cricket is more than a game for us- Read here now Ind Vs Nz 2019 4.75/5 (12)


Cricket World cup 2019: Crestfallen. Disheartened. That’s how it was yesterday  when India lost the semi- finals against New Zealand. People were off from work. Those in offices were together glued on that one guy’s laptop screen. With sweating palms and loud beating heartbeat. Sadly for us, the day wasn’t meant for us to win. The rain was an omen. The captain crying was an indication. And finally 8th wicket gone was our little hope shattered.

“Always feel disappointed when you’ve played such good cricket, and then 45 minutes of bad cricket puts you out of the tournament. It’s difficult to accept, it’s difficult to come to terms with, but New Zealand deserve it because they put enough pressure on us.” says the Captain.

India lost to New Zealand by 18 runs in a two-day semi-final of the 2019 ICC World Cup in Manchester. But it was not the lost game that made us weep. It was more than that. It was our love for MS Dhoni who played his last match. It was Rohit’s 5 centuries which seemed like a bumer. It was our love for the players who were weeping. The 2011 world cup was a celebration. It was India’s best player Sachin Tendulkar’s last world cup and we wanted the cup for him.

Cricket: It’s more to us than a game!

Surely yesterday’s lose was harder than breakup. But cricket has always meant more to us than a game. More than a patriotic identity. Its a force. A force that bring us together. A topic of discussion on the dinning table. A thread that improves father and son’s relationship. A time when we think more about being Indian than India. A game that is no fun if you don’t have people to cheer with. Where one bake popcorns and other bring bottles of beer to complete the game. We may have lost the game yesterday but we won memories. We danced on dhol even on that four when we knew there was no hope. We kept hope and faith on our players even on 5-3. We weeped. We danced. We held hands. We made memories like never before. We are with you team India.

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