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Twitter : The flames  relating to Kabir Singh controversy  hadn’t even quenched properly when another were ignited. The caution for these sparks were none other than Kabir Singh’s director Sandeep Vanga.

The blockbuster movie which had broken the theaters was infamous for its glorification of toxic masculinity. One of the scene in which the male protagonist had slapped the female was highly shamed. In an interview with Anupma Chopra, the director not only defended the character but justified his idea of ‘ violent love’. When questioned about that, Vanga responded “She slapped him without a reason. At least Kabir had a reason to slap her. If you can’t slap, if you can’t touch your woman wherever you want, if you can’t kiss, I don’t see emotion there.”

He also claimed that women who are criticizing his movie have never experienced ‘true love’

Twitter ‘s response

The video went viral in no reason and Vanga received flak all over social media. The Twitter was enraged and several actresses also responded. While several celebrities crictised him, actress Kangana Ranaut’s sister defended the movie and Vanga


In an interview with Times Now, Vanga tried to pacify the situation and further responded
“Go, watch it and enjoy. If you don’t like the film [Kabir Singh], then fine. You took me completely wrong. It’s not assault. When you’re so close to each other, when you can’t handle your worst thing with each other, and you don’t have the liberty of showing your worst side… The worst thing is not like ‘iss din daaru peeke aake maar rha hai’. It’s about the liberty of the expression between a couple who is deeply connected. It works for a woman also and it works for a man also. I spoke for both the sides. But sadly, they are quoting in a very wrong way.”

He said he was highly misquoted and tried and reveal his intentions

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