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Development : In It’s Real Sense – Freedom Index ? 4.83/5 (6)


Development in a lay man’s language is progress or betterment. We all say if the country is progressing technologically or have access to those things that other parts of world lags behind.

But what development really means is something we have know. Development in it’s actual sense is the process of improving the quality of all human lives and capabilities. By raising people’s levels of living, self esteem and freedom. But the most contradictory element is do we really follow this definition while measuring the level of development in the economy.

Certainly the factors most important in the progress of any nation or rather needed by the nation to develop. Are the ones hardly paid attention to. Big countries like China and USA itself has a really big gap between the rich and poor. The level of inequality they pursue is above our limits. But still they are the most developed nations.

Is Development Taking Place In Reality

We even define the term development with self esteem and freedom. But are the citizens in these countries even have a right to choose. The citizens face is thrust or a barrier in making their own choice from choosing the color of his own car to the number of kids he should have.

Where does the freedom to choose or freedom from servitude go. The element on which entire development is based has no essence left. And then we quote these countries the developed once.

The second universal component of good life, self esteem. A sense of worth and self respect. It’s the base of any kind of development but due to the materialistic progress. In most of the nations we have completely ignored this element that makes an individual a developed person.

So, although attempts to rank countries with freedom indexes have proved highly controversial. Studies do reveal that some countries that have achieved high economic growth rates or high incomes. Such as China, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia and Singapore has not achieved development in real sense.

Forcing people to live according to the central rule for the development of the country is not a progress in real sense.

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