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Red the color of passion and love 5/5 (3)


Red the most visible color in a rainbow. A color of love and passion. Above all red plays a very important role in the Hindu marriage. Where it signifies love, seduction and power. A women while getting married being tied up into a new bond is fully covered with red attire. All from head to toe.

Which clearly shows it’s importance but sometimes a color shades away the scribbles drawn behind. And it’s indeed the situation of maximum marriages in India. No one knows when with time this bond of love and passion becomes so poisonous that it leads to filth.

What happened with the bond that was created by the society tagged with love and prosperity. What happened to the signification of the color red. If bonds are made just by painting it with some colors. People would have never been separated.

The Real Shades Of Red

Why does a bond full of sacrifice and possessiveness turns out into marital rapes, domestic violence, lack of respect and dignity. A lady rather a woman in an Indian household faces every single think in her life time that gives her blood tears. A girl once running with a red dupatta happy and protected in her father’s arms now strive for someone’s hand but is alone living in a joint family. Such an irony have you ever thought why?

Because even when she lives in a house with ears around the wall. No one not a single person is there to guide her, Understand her feelings and to treat her like a human.

Above all she even knows that if one day she dies. It will hardly affect anyone. What will happen is a fake grief and a new wife. And a whole new life. And then we say red is the color of love. Where does this love goes after the bond is made permanent. What do you think the woman is like an object that you have imprinted upon.

So, red has many more meanings lets focus on them and give this color the significance it deserves. Joy, strength, leadership, courage, vigor, willpower, rage, anger, danger, malice, wrath, stress, action, vibrance, radiance, and determination. Are some other aspects red signifies so remember them more and fight back.

You can only stand for yourself.

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