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Dont judge someone if you do not understand them

dont judge

Dont judge :

Few years ago, I landed in Paris for a business trip & had to rush for a meeting. For my nightmare, the taxi guy didn’t know English. It took me 10 mins to explain him where to go.

Further, his GPS was not working that day. He was taking forever to find my hotel. I was so frustrated!

At last, we reached after much delay. In a hurry, I ran into the hotel. After checking in, I realised my brand new SLR camera was missing & it was left it in the cab.

I spoke to the hotel reception, they had no way of finding him. They called the cab company, but couldn’t locate him.

Finally, hotel security decided to call the cops. Just when they were about to dial, the driver came running & handed over the camera with a sigh of relief.

They translated his words. It seems he was new to Paris, it was his first week as a cab driver. Because he was sorry for the delay, he had infact charged me half. Further, he had to come back driving miles for my camera.

Dont judge :

I felt terrible about myself. In my mind, I had decided he wouldn’t return it. But he proved me wrong. I thanked him. I also gave him a handsome tip.

Bottomline-don’t judge someone if you don’t understand their language/culture. Have an open-mindset. Make an attempt to learn their ways before you write them off.

Also, we need to be kind to others and not jump to conclusions before we know and analyze everything at hand. In conclusion, do you agree?

-By Vishwas Mudagal

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