Father – The unsung Hero. Some heroes don’t wear capes 4.82/5 (17)


FATHER word itself stands for a man who provides care and protection. The day a child steps into the world an ordinary man becomes a father. He becomes just like a planet that revolves around a sun and his whole world revolves around his child. And with grace he tells the world that I am a father now.

A Father is someone on whom one can totally rely upon. He is a man whose presence calms you. He acts like a wall when you need support, acts like a house under which you can feel secure. A daughter looks up to her father with hope and love. She takes him as a source model for her future man and a son takes his father as his role model. Even after being a lone man, he plays a lot of roles in his life and can’t afford to even fail even in one, because he knows his child’s eyes are on him.

Father is my hero

As dads are most ordinary men turned by love into heroes, adventurers, story teller and a best mechanic. He is the man who loves to get hardware as a gift and keeps it like an ornament. And yes, he is that man who likes to screw up every single nut in your life. But, when the situations are screwed up, he is the one who says, don’t just give up, there is a whole nice life ahead. With complete confidence he trusts you. But, sometimes he just lets you fall, so that you can learn how to walk.

He makes you laugh by doing silly things and sleeping is his favorite thing. Was the one who played with you when your friends ditched you. He was the one who told you bed night time stories, that hardly makes any sense now. All these things that he does, is just to make you smile a bit more. He wants to protect you forever. And he is a person who never said never. Even after we grow up, he is there with us, giving us knowledge and teaching us the rules of life. As he doesn’t care, how big we are for him. We are still that kid that made him responsible by making him a father.


Finally, how can we forget Father of the Nation


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