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Filed a false RAPE case to extort money. The Basketball player puts women in shame

Filed a false rape case to extort money

When money becomes the driving force for your decisions, one follows the path of crime. A national level Basketball player has been booked by Rohtak Police as she filed a false rape case. It was done, in order to, extort money from men.

Filed a false rape case:

Accused, being a BA 2nd year student of a Rohtak college had previously filed a rape case against National-level Kabaddi player in April. She claimed and reports doubt, that she met the Kabbadi player while practising at Rajiv Gandhi Sports Stadium in Rohtak. She told the judge, despite of having physical relations and that he vowed to marry her. He betrayed her by not fulfilling the promise which in turn led her life devastated.

She said in her complaint, that he threatened her to make her intimate pictures viral if, she even imagines to go against him.

The Compromise:

Police arrested the Kabaddi player under Sections 376 (2) N and 506 (criminal intimidation) of the Indian Penal Code and arrested him. On May 10, the Kabaddi player filed a plea for his bail. Surprisingly, the girl told judge Rajinder Pal Goyal that she had no objection as they have reached a compromise. Judge added, that no compromise will be executed in rape cases since, offence “which is serious, heinous and cognisable”. To turn the table, she said she had filed the case due to some misunderstanding.

In defense, Public prosecutor called her as “professional blackmailer” as she filed a false rape case to extort money from the men. A video was presented in the court, where the girl was bargaining from her ‘customers’ to raise the price. The public prosecutor submitted a FIR, also stated she demanded 20 lakhs from the previous men as his survival money.


Later, the court observed, “After getting the money, she either withdraws the case or endorses the bail of the accused.” As a result, the Rohtak police arrested the complainant under Sections 182, 211 and 384 of the IPC.

The magistrate also advised the Rohtak police to be attentive and differentiate between the false cases.

Rape is a sin and sinner must be punished. But women, like these makes the call of actual victim unheard. Cases are bundled up every now and then, the time wasted for such false cases cuts the time for the one actually needs justice. At last, I would say Rape is a crime not an excuse for making money. 

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