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Old uncle eats Roti with Water – Don’t waste Food


Please don’t waste Food. After 12 hrs of Duty, this old uncle was having Roti – Indian Bread, with water. Please think a thousand times before you throw away.

Wasting food has a significant environmental impact. Be it in terms of the carbon generated to grow, transport and package items and the cost of having to dispose them. Studies show stopping edible waste can reduce the annual emission of carbon-dioxide by 18 million tonnes. This is the same effect as taking one in five cars in the world, off the roads.

France has passed a law that requires big supermarkets to have contracts with local charity groups. As a means of donating their inventory waste. Rather than throwing it out. The stalled law due to a procedural holdup earlier in the year, also puts an end to practice of pouring bleach over unsold food items, before throwing out.

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