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GOT Finale ending was neither good, nor bad – Was it just right? 5/5 (4)

GOT Finale

GOT Finale: The internet is once again divided; however this time it is not a gold or grey lined dress that broke the internet. It is the 9 years long awaited – the last and final episode of Game of thrones.

We all had mixed responses on how we felt about the show. While some enjoyed the milieu in which the concluding season was set up, the other half hated how the episode transpired in a rush and left us with some unanswered character development. A small proportion of people like me, were too overwhelmed to understand how we feel about it ending.

So did the last episode do justice to the series that has never failed to overwhelm us? Was it the ending we hoped for?

The answer to the two questions is contradictory. Positive for the former while negative for the latter. However, the way it ended was just right. Not good, not bad but just perfect to do justice to the series.

Despite our chagrin, the ultimate episode deserves some credit for maintaining what it is known for- for death and destruction, a penchant for drama and finally witty colloquial.If our formerly favorite character (RIP Daenerys) would have claimed the Iron throne without slaughtering the city, wouldn’t it have been the picture-perfect ending? But as once Arya said

“But I’m not a lady. I never have been. That’s not me.”

GOT Finale:

That’s not GOT. The series always had a predilection to sad endings. We got our first shocker of the series with Ned Starks’s death to the heartbreaking Red wedding. From Oberyn Martell’s eyes filled with blood in their sockets to most unthoughtful trials and tribulations of the Stark children. Finally, the most vicious and hated character Cersei, beat the odds of her winning the war to Jon Snow pulling the final straw of killing the Queen he loved.The series was never supposed to have a happy ending. Yes,it wasn’t the ending we hoped for. But it has always been the flickering and shaky nature of the show that kindled our interest. It was the ‘took off the guard’ or ‘Oh, I didn’t think this could happen’ feature of the show that kept us going despite our favorite characters dying one by one.

When the 10 years old Bran fell from the tower, did we ever predict that he will be the ruler of seven(sorry six) kingdoms? Did we ever think that most loyal and honorable man in Westeros will murder the character we were rooting for?

At the end, the series ended with the most powerful symbolism- the destruction of the Iron Throne. How the grieving dragon melted bane of power into a pool of lava . How Daenerys created a new wheel of hegemony in the process of breaking one. A symbol of what power does to a man and how that metal chair died with the woman who barely got to touch it. Varys was right after all

“Power resides where a man believe it resides”



Finally RIP GOT. You will be missed.

What did you think of GOT Finale?

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