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Alabama Turmoil: The Overlooked Subtlety 5/5 (6)

Alabama: With the world going frenzy over Alabama’s new statute that was passed, women and men from across the globe express their strong opinions, giving rise to public backlash. The law which explicitly banned abortion on all grounds, even in the case of rape and incest, is not surprising to have taken the social media by its foot. Here’s one legit take on the slurred over subtlety we’re failing to see.



Pro-life Vs. Pro-birth

Amidst all the chaos and mayhem, why are we, as humans, failing to recognize that the idea of beingĀ  pro-birth highly contrasts the idea of being ‘pro-life‘?

Let’s get this straight. No doubt, aborting a fetus is wrong on so many levels of moral grounds if there isn’t a legitimate reason to go for it. But a woman, irrespective of how old she is, cannot be curbed off her rights to abort the baby which she conceived as a result of rape or incest. There can possibly be nothing at all which can beat this highest notch of pathetic construct. Simply, because you cannot force a woman to bear a child of yours by duress. We also can’t deny the fact that for so many teens, abortions are daunting, invasive procedures, yet for those who decide to abort a pregnancy, this is a necessary suffering, albeit in most cases, a relatively painless one.

Consideration of the Aftermath

It’s important to understand that women who are opting to abort their pregnancy in the case of a rape is not going pro-life but are going pro-birth. Why? Simply think of the aftermath that follows. The woman is left all by herself to bear the child and nurture it for the rest of her life, which is not a cakewalk even in the presence of a spouse, let alone going through it all by her own.

Need of the Hour

And if at all those “democratic” countries are to set out some regulations for the nation’s “welfare’, then why don’t the steadfast republicans start thinking about some alternatives? Like laws they could impose to fight back carbon footprint? Or entities as such that are causing climate change. Because now that indeed, is some business they should be concerned about, on a genuine note.

It’s also not okay to silence the voice of women who stand up for their rights by alleging them to be “feminists”. Because that’s not a word used to shun women who fight against prevalent issues. The law is to prosecute the doctors performing the abortion because it’s an apparent felony, punishable by up to 99 years of imprisonment. The same law also spares the rapist with no more than half the severity of the former. And this clearly does not pave way for a healthy, reliable, harmonious picturing of the future.


At the end of the day, it only leaves us to ponder upon one basic question.

What makes us think that it’s alright for one human to enforce laws for another human to abide by. If the ultimate concern is not about making this world a better place for all?




Alabama is in Turmoil. What are your views?


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