Belarusian Pilot Crashes and pierced with wood says “I am Groot”


36 year old Belarusian Pilot Crashes and gets impaled by tree, posed for pictures and shouted “I am Groot!”


In dark ages people were killed by impaling them on a staff or stick. It was the worst way to die. Ivan Krasouski, a Belarusian pilot crashed his plane/Paratrike in a forest when a strap snapped. He lost control and after his landing found a tree branch pierce his shoulder.
The rescuers who arrived did not pull out the branch as he would have bled to death. So, they cut the branch from the wreckage and took him to hospital with a small portion of the branch.

Pilot Crashed with wood


Ivan said that he fell so softly and wanted to stand up and go but found a branch in his arm, thick as a watermelon. When he asked people to remove the branch everyone asked if he was crazy and that if they took it, he would bleed to death.
But, in spite of all of this, he felt fit enough to pose for picture at the hospital and also updated his social media accounts.
Ivan survived to become a social media sensation.

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