World Crisis

The use of Plastic is deteriorating the world of living organisms.

the use of plastic

Think of a world where your body is trapped in plastics, you cannot breathe or maybe think of a world, where you cannot expose you skin to sunlight. Even buying bottles of purified air to remain alive well, this is how I view our future because of the use of plastic.


Today, our Earth is rising for help. Help from its destroyers. Cheap, capable of being molded into any  shape, strong, durable and can easily be founded in one form or other. This is how we define Plastic. After all this time, humans have a fair dependency on it. One can easily spot it in its junk drawers. From our use of toothbrushes to mobile phones we are exposed to this poison everytime. To begin from 1950s, it was found useful since, the production continued to be 8.3 billion metric tonnes. The success rate of consuming this material made Earth in huge debt. 

As, when we talk about food and packaging industries. The food being trapped in the clutches of plastic sheet or bag release toxins. It acts as a magnet- it has the ability to attract various chemicals and release them in human body through environment.

Here, the data shows:

The use of plastic
Graph shows the waste management by a food packaging company.

It shows though plastic dumped in landfill but it cannot be recycled. This further, shows it also deteriorates the quality of the soil.

The terrestrial animals are eating it considering them as food. It’s high time, we need to stop throwing food especially in plastic bags. We cannot control the death cycle of organisms, but we can help them not to reach their deathbed.

Source: Save the Planet

This bird choked herself to death by eating plastic.


With the disposal of plastic in water bodies, 8 million  tonnes is being thrown into water bodies. Thus, estimation states, there will be more plastic than fishes by 2050. To humans it might be a object of conformity but to animals it is a floating minefield. As earth cannot digest plastic, the pure vomit costs many lives.

Later, at United Nations in December 2017 India along with other countries signed a resolution to ocean plastic.

Rivers like Indus and Ganga, carry the second and sixth plastic debris into the ocean. The National Green Tribunal , India’s first dedicated environment court said, “not a single drop of Ganga has been cleared so far.” Researcher Schmidt says, “It would be necessary to improve the waste management and public awareness for the issue.”

So, let us join hands and work as whole to defeat this demon called PLASTIC. For the night is dark and full of nightmares.

Source: Global Awareness

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