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Indian street food you can’t resist. Find out what’s unique

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Street Food. Well known for it’s spices and delicacies , Indian street food include a wide range of variety to choose from. Be it the northern part or the southern part , every part has it’s own specialty . You may find that the food in India is being sold on movable carts by vendors.

Here are some of the most popular and unique Indian street food which you will not be able to resist:

1 Dabeli :

People think that Dabeli has emerged from Gujarat, a western most state of India . Prepared by taking a bun somewhat similar to a burger bun. The bun sliced and filled with boiled potato mix, some mint and coriander chutney,  pomegranate , fresh cilantro, chopped onion , some roasted peanuts and it is then saute in butter for few minutes. Dabeli is a perfect mix of crunchiness and mushiness in one bite which serves sourness, sweetness all in one bite.

2 Aalu Pakode:

Potato are washed , peeled and diced . They further dipped in a batter of chickpea flour , salt , chilly powder and some other spices till they become golden and crispy. Served with a sweet and spicy chutney. The spicy one made of cilantro, chilies and mint . The sweet chutney made from tamarind and jaggery.

3 Chole Bhature :

This is a pure Punjabi lip smacking delicacy . Chole like a spicy chickpea stew made with boiled chickpea and a blend of spices such as dried mango powder, salt, red chilly powder, garam masala and much more. Bhature on the other hand are a kind of Indian deep fried bread which is use to devour chole. The dough made from refined  wheat flour. Rolled out in small balls , flattened and deep fried.

4 Golgappe :

A kind of street food which is recalled by different names in different parts of India. In Madhya Pradesh, called as Fulki whereas in West Bengal called Puchka. Little fried crisp either made from semolina or wheat flour. The crisp hollowed from the center filled with some boiled potato and chickpea mixture and other spices. Then dipped and filled with a spicy water made from mint, cilantro , green chilly , black pepper powder, dried mango powder, cumin powder and several other spices. It  serves tangy, sweet, spicy all flavors in one go and is a must have in India.


5 Poha :

It is known to be originated from Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh . Poha usually preferred in breakfast. Easy to digest and free from calories and for that reason, found in all parts of north India. Poha is flattened rice which is soaked in water for few hours and then cooked with oil, green chillies, roasted peanuts and some stir fried  vegetables. Finally it is garnished with some  fresh cilantro and lemon juice. Above all, it can be easily prepared in less than 30 minutes consequently having large fan base in bachelors.

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