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James Charles: The Fall Of a Youtuber: Tati Westbrook Fight 5/5 (6)

james charles

James Charles: The internet is all covered with the ongoing drama of a YouTube sensation Jame Charles. He is on the top headlines after the release of the 43 minute  video by his former close friend Tati Westbrook, exposing him and the whole internet is crashed with this hot drama of a nineteen year old teen and his former friend.

Tati has exposed his reality and his true nature behind the camera and even told in her video how she has always guided him and make him reach this success. This whole drama started since the Met Gala 2019, after which James decided to promote a rival vitamin brand. Which caused Tati to expose him releasing all her grudges. Tati has her own vitamin brand Halo Beauty and James being her friend supporting the rival brand not only made her call him “phoney” but also blamed him for using his “fame, power and money” to manipulate people and guide them to a wrong direction.


James Charles after Video

After the release of Tati’s video James has lost approximately 3 million of his subscribers. Which clearly points towards his downfall. Tati even spilled thoughts about his sexuality. And how he even forces straight people to lay with him with his celebrity power.

All these controversies created a huge loss for a nineteen year old as not only the celebrities like Kylie Jenner ha unfollowed  him. He even lost his friends from the beauty community.

The twitter also took a great stage on this drama as James Charles was trending this whole week. Some fans supporting him and many others bullying, making memes and posting mean comments on him. It has made even those people awaken who hardly knew James and Tati until Friday.

Here are some tweets, Have a look on them:-

But not everyone has the same opinion

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