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Kaala – Rajinikanth’s Best Movie? Find out


Kaala shows a new age Rajinikanth and has reinstated his Superstar status. All supporting artists and Nanapatekar have done full justice as much as the director has done justice to their casting.

Pa. Ranjith tells an important story about the status quo of modern India.

More than being a film, this is a political discourse.

Many people thought Kaala too was going the Kabali way for the first hour or so. However, it takes a turn and wow, the subtext, politics, and the moral dilemma it tries to address gets it’s audience hooked into the story. So, a big thumbs up to Beemji. This is a wonderful drama. But, it takes it time to unfurl its world, but worth it.

So, we are still having a Kaala Hangover. No this is not a mere Rajini movie.  Some movies transcend the realm of entertainment and truly become messages and Kaala is one such movie. Kaala is a masterclass in symbolism and foreshadowing. Pa, Ranjiths frames bleed of icons and motifs which might never be apparent to the bourgeoise.

Kaala calls out for the land and the people of it. He stands tall against the nationalists who have forgotten that it is the people who make the country, he stands tall to the empty promises of development (No guesses who this was a reference to). His black contrasts the idea of purity, it is raw and a painful reminder of the years of untouchability that has been propagated and how purity has been venerated. He is an Asura who fights the class war. The motifs of Ramayana are so evident from the burning of dharavi to people declaring more than 60% of the residents are bad, Ranjith establishes his Lanka.But then Hari dada is not here for Sita, he is a casteist, land grabbing power hungry individual who reaches out for Lanka in the name of purity. He lashes from behind his false morality.

The movie beautifully culminates with the Ramayan being read on end and Lanka of Dharavi burning on the other. No this is not a tale or morality this is a tale of survival and the struggle of classes. This is a the saga of private property and human dignity and most importantly Kaala is a mirror on our own naivety in the name of development. Probably the character of Lenin represents the current society, he is swayed away when told about the development which is brought to Dharavi but later realizes that term development is simply a hollow promise for the greed of few.

4 Facts you didn’t know about Kaala

In conclusion, this is a must watch film.

So, what did you think of the film?

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