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Police Cops – Showcase London Fringe Festival

Police Cops

Police Cops is a comical that hurts your belly with laughter. The sketch spoofs 70s/80s style cop-gangster drama filled with surprises, emotions and lots of shirtless hugs.

The Pretend Men theatre collaboration that brings Police Cops has Nathan Parkinson, Zachary Hunt and Tom Roe playing the several parts. A three-man multi award-winning, globally celebrated comedy company based in London.


At times the sketch seems a tad-bit over the top but it never stops audience from rolling and turning in their chairs laughing out loud. The whole story follows on a promise made by rookie Police Cop Jimmy Johnson to his dead/not-so-dead brother Billie Johnson to be “The Best Police Cop Ever!”

Satire and Parody are pivotal to their productions, where they mix cinematic style, supercharged physical theatre and dynamic stagecraft.

The fifty-odd minute sketch is filled with fast paced sequences and demands the actors to change on stage. This adds to the fun and distraction and keeps one wanting and guessing for what’s next.

Police Cops is a perfect mix of physical and improv comedy with quirky punch lines.


Featuring: Zachary Hunt, Nathan Parkinson, Tom Roe
Directed By: The Pretend Men
Troupe Name: The Pretend Men
Troupe Origin: London, UK

Watch Police Cops trailer below

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