Latest Mowgli movie trailer is not for children: Here’s why


Mowgli  is a fictional and lead character in Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book story. He is a loin cloth clad child from India and from remote Pench area in Seoni. The character first appeared in Kipling’s short story and then went on to become a famous series. Later it was adapted world over into TV series and movies over and over again.

Though the stories were meant for kids and were always shown in the same light; this particular new movie trailer shows otherwise.

The trailer is a dark take and a curious depiction of Mowgli’s struggle of survival. The character seem to lose his identity among men and longs to go back to wild life though he faces several dangers there too. Brilliant visuals of the wilds are captured by Michael Seresin – cinematographer. Background music by Nitin Sawhney exemplifies the dearth and intensity of the trailer narrated to you.

Watch Mowgli trailer below:


To make things more interesting we have included the below video of 10 real life Mowgli like characters who existed before.

Comment what would you do if you were ever lost in a jungle?

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