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A lady on a yellow coin box – Had Modi delivered on promises?



Sharing an image from the walk down of my home. An old lady talking on a telephone booth or it has one more name coin box in local language.I remember Modi’s Digital India, looking at her I can realize the real India.

The PCO’s (Public call office) and STD’s (subscriber trunk dialing) extinction after the era of cellphones have made monuments of these telephone booths. There was a time when red and yellow colored boxes can be seen on every chai wala, pan wala or stationary shops on every 10 steps distance.

But, With Digitization these coin boxes vanished with time as mobile phones take over its place. Now even the rikshawala’s, rag-pickers have their phone in pocket.


Yellow coin box

I was so amazed to see her talk on a telephone booth that, I captured her on my phone.

There are people who still use telephone booths for their conversation. Not video calling is the thing but she dialed the number written on some paper bought by the her. Her hands were trembling while holding the yellow coin box. Those hands tell us the story behind the scenes. Modi introduced infinite scheme’s for future India. But,the ratio of people who are still below poverty line and uneducated are unaware of technology.

Then how this Digital India will help the nation? These over sighted one’s are getting no benefits because of their ignorance.


Aren’t they the citizens of India…Yes,they are but they are not the part of digital India. What they have in for them from the government. Or will they be neglected for forth coming hundred years.What we can expect from our government. Whom to blame for..? Is this just the technological evolution or PM Modi’s digitization adverse effects.

India became Digital but,what about such financially backward and illiterate people from small villages or tribes.Who still need to be attended personally and differently.

As a result, of Digital India most of the crowd digitized now. But will Modi look forward to add something affordable, approachable and easy to use stuff for the left numbers like this old lady.

Will the telephone booths take some new avatar in Digital India and come back some day or will it disperse with the modern innovations.

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