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Pakistan: Hindu Vet arrested for Blasphemy

protests erupted in Pakistan against man charged with blasphemy

The incident of blasphemy :

A Hindu veterinarian is arrested on Monday after a local accused him for blasphemy in Pakistan’s southern Sindh province. .  The doctor identified as Ramesh Kumar . Furthermore, the accused taken into police custody after locals set fire to shops owned by Hindus. However, the angry protesters burned tyres on road in Phuladyon town in Mirpurkhas district in the province, media reports said.

The head cleric of a nearby mosque Maulvi Ishaq Nohri, filed the complaint . He alleged that the accused had torn pages of holy book Quran. Also, sold medicines wrapped in it.
Zahid Hussain Leghari, the Station House Officer said that proper investigation will carried out. Also, the accused taken to a much safer place after the unrest broke out.
Similarly even in the past , a large number of Hindus residing in Karachi has complained cases of false blasphemy . They targeted because Hindus form biggest minority community in Pakistan.
Majority of Pakistan’s Hindu population settled in Sindh province where they share culture, traditions and language with their Muslim fellows.

In conclusion do you think there is nothing much that could be done?

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