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Love : The most distinct feeling

Love, a four lettered word with enormous definitions and different perspectives. A tiny little word that comprises the whole dynasty into itself. For some it’s pain and at the same it’s like a strike of joy for others. Some say love can’t be summarized into few elements. Some say it happens only once and that too with someone special.

And then we define love, How can a feeling without boundaries can be defined. And here comes the point where when one can quote love is not just romance but also care, respect and even protecting others. Not looking down on others and living together, moving on parallel with others, Showing companionship and having a touch of brotherhood. All this is love. And this feeling tucked under the four lettered word doesn’t end over here it continues till infinity and has a capacity to grow forever.

When we love something or someone and when we feel like loving others. We develop this habit as true love is like an addiction. When you fell for this feeling there is no chance that you will be able to free yourself from this. It can be seen and felt from your breathing style to the way of walking. No matter how hard you try love never lets you take any wrong step to anyone. Making others feel sad just evaporates from your list. You even start loving those who you wanted revenge from.

The real power of this tiny word LOVE

This is the magic love creates in your life. And when you love everything rather anything around, it gives you the power to live more to be the part of this world. Which needs love more than hatred. And this universe has a tremendous ability of never letting those die that spread love even once in their whole entire life. Yes we are humans we will exile but still will live forever in the eyes of the sky.

Humans being the only social animals have this amazing thinking that life is short, so first live it for yourself. Leave others and love yourself, But how can you even love yourself when you don’t even know the meaning of this pure word. Love leads to expansion of life so beautifully and truly that it shows how life is not short, it’s in our hands. One can create a huge garland of love beaded together, that even when it breaks the beads will live forever.

Selfishness : It has a power to blind you

Selfishness, a trait possessed by those who put themselves before others. A selfish person wants all good to be his. Even when he find others all around the world achieving something he will always envy them. And this quality slowly with time erodes away his own personality and power to accomplish something. The only thing he possesses is the attitude to put someone down anyways.

Think if our whole mind and body is always working towards letting people down in-front of the word. What have we already become? A human being who is no more a person. It’s just a living body who works on a mission of letting people down. Going to any extent in order to make oneself the protagonist of his world. With no aim of doing something to feel happy and satisfied. What is basically the significance of a selfish person, he is basically a person noticed and remembered by no one. And is like a nightmare, something every person tries to forget as soon as possible.

If you are selfish, you already live in a contracted world. Being yourself the centre of attraction of that globe. But due to some nature’s norms, we as human beings need public contact and people around us. Think how a person can live near someone who is so selfish that a day can come when you need him the most and he vanishes. But possessing a selfish attitude leads everyone in a ditch. Yes you might be very successful and has left many behind but in the last you will be left behind all alone and a day will come when people will not even grief your death properly. Because you never thought about them, a person full of oneself can never be respected no matter how successful and rich he becomes.

Yes wearing your own oxygen mask first is what one should do ? But does that signifies selfishness

Walking away and not helping someone in need will never make someone a great person. It’s even said before that knowledge increases by sharing. The more you give; much more will be returned to you. But today in this materialistic world in which even a small seven year our kid doesn’t share his pencil during exam even when he has an extra one. We have made the famous caution of wearing our own oxygen mask before helping others as our motive in today’s world. But what we have forgot is that it too says help others.

OK sometimes putting ourselves before others is not a wrong thing to do, but deliberately hurting someone on his wound, distracting them to be. Is what actually selfish people do. This kind of attitude never makes one win the race. One day will come when you will be the only person on the track competing your own self. And you will be so lonely with not a single person trying to even put you down.

And this is where we get a question in our mind “who will cry, when you die?”- Robin Sharma. Even when you are dead but not a single drop of tear fell from anyone’s eyes what was the use of trying so hard to be the best at any cost. If you have ever loved someone even an animal at-least he would be there to grief. But now your significance would be fully gone with your corpse.

Love will and has always did overpowered every single power in this world. And it is the only element of life that has a power to keep someone alive forever. If you have truly loved even a single thing in your life, you will be remembered forever even death could not snatch this from you. And selfishness can paint even the good moments and deeds of your life.

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