Mimi And Nusrat: Trolled over their parliament Dress 4.91/5 (11)

Mimi and Nusrat

Mimi and Nusrat:

Are we fooling ourselves by talking about gender equality and calling India as a progressive country. A country full of citizens judging women. Telling them their place in the society or giving them advice of what to wear is basically a place of confinement.

Standing for anti-feminism and referring feminism as a sympathy act doesn’t make any sense. When one can easily see the difference in the eye of the people for opposite genders.

Women are treated equally. Rather they get more benefits then men is just a matter of saying. If’s it’s true and that’s a fact then why all the fingers point towards women then men.

What’s wrong with Mimi and Nusrat ‘s attire:

Actresses turned Politicians Mimi Chakraborty and Nusrat Jahan chose to go with western attires to step into the Parliament of India as newly elected MPs. All buckled up to work they decided to share their first day working in the Parliament and hence, posted pictures on their social media account.

Instead of praises they were badly hit by the wall of despises. They were harshly trolled over social media on their choice of work-wear. Jeans and a white buttoned shirt for Mimi and a wine colou peplum suit for Nusrat.

” You’re not on vacation”, “they have mistaken parliament for Kolkata’s Nico bar or city center.” these were just some beautiful, elegant thing that people wrote online. Which according to many is the respect women get from the society. Even when she is capable of sitting at a reputed post.

Above all when a huge social media crowd was busy dissing these ladies. No one was free enough to take a look of the attires, some of the men were wearing to the parliament.

Gautam Gambhir wore jeans and a casual T-shirt for his first day at parliament. He even  posted a picture with his ID online. Exactly like Mimi but the internet didn’t went over him dissing about his attire. Oh, they might have missed it.

Sunny Deol also chose to wear jeans and white shirt for adding the NDA meeting.

If wearing a suit and a shirt is showing disrespect to the Parliament, Then i think even men should be trolled and slammed on internet. We treat everyone equally, there is no gender bias-ness in our country are some statements said by many out there.

If this is the kind of equality women get then better think again before stating a statement regarding equality and feminism.

Here are some tweets regarding the matter:



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