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Times Out and Proud: A Voice For Acceptance 4.7/5 (10)

Times Out and Proud

Times Out and Proud: Homosexuality, still a huge taboo in our country. Despite the supreme court verdict that discriminalised the sex between consenting adults of the same gender. The LGBTQIA+ community continues to face dishonor in the society.

To address this veto Times of India has come up with a great initiative “Times Out & Proud” as a journey to acceptance. Is it so difficult for us to accept people, We all possess different choices either in food or clothing. Similarly one can have a slightly different preference in life partners.

But from the past surveys one can say that we Indian’s believe in a sheep walk. How can one do something out of the league, is the biggest concern. All the members have strived so hard till September 6, 2018 to get a legal status. With a desire of acceptance but even the Law failed with the wicked belief of the people.

They are abnormal and possess a disease, if we go near them or talk to them then we might catch it too. It’s the normal thinking of the maximum population of our country. Feeling ashamed to talk about ones sexual preferences isn’t orthodox but wearing traditional wear is orthodox.

One should always be open to anyone with different choice of preference in anything he possess. It’s their life and a very normalized thing that has been continuously hyped over nothing.

Hence, Times Of India has come up this really great platform “Times Out & Proud” for all our LGBT people. Here they dedicate a section of the newspaper to the LGBTQ people to come up their dreams, confession and fear. This new campaign aims to empower the LQBT community. When everyone is looking down on you and even a single person has your back, It feel good.

This initiative has been praised by many supporters and is definitely a ray of hope. We live in 2019 and even in this genre people mocking other on their choice of attire or a partner is definitely a disgrace for our country.

Accompany this campaign with a bit of acceptance. Do watch the video linked below to get a brief Knowledge about this campaign by Times.

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