Mother’s Day – Not all queens are crowned

mother's day

Mother’s day: On 12 May 2019 , the world is going to celebrate Mother’s day to honor the sacrifices and adjustments being made by mothers .  It is appropriately said that god cannot be there with us always to protect us from the demons and dangers lying out in the world, so he created our moms. Although we don’t need a specific day to show our affection and how much we love her, but it just feels so nice to have one entire day just dedicated to her.

Unlike any other profession in this world , being a mother still top the list as the toughest job in this whole universe . From going through the pregnancy pain and carrying you inside her uterus for nine months. To bearing one of the most severe pain of delivering a child. She goes on and on without getting anything in return.

It is almost imaginary to be like someone who not only give birth to us but also ensures that we live our best life. Every mother play a significant role in her child’s life . To shape her child’s character knowing that even a slightest mistake can mislead her child on the wrong path. To give her child the upbringing, love and care which she received from her mother. From teaching her kids to walk their first step and say their first word. To waking them up for their first day of school.

Moreover, apart from those 9 to 5 jobs, the occupation of being a mother comes without any weekends or vacations. This is a never ending job. She is someone’s wife, someone’s  daughter and a mother for her kids , performing multitasking from dusk till dawn. Getting her husband ready in the morning and preparing lunch for him as well as getting kids ready at the same time and packing their lunch and making breakfast for all ; the task list keeps on expanding.

This mother’s day let us do something to make our moms happy. Cook her favorite delicacy , take her out on shopping , buy her some flowers , surprise her with her favorite cheesecake . But most importantly don’t forget to hug her and tell how much thankful you are for bringing you in this world. And doing all those big and small things which made you happy.


In conclusion, share this post with your mother. Also, tell her how much you love your mother in comments below.

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