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IAF Ramps up with 22 Apache Helicopters – Hail Indian Army


The first of the 22 Apache Guardian Attack Helicopters has been officially handed over to the IAF Boeing production facility in Arizona, US. These helicopters often referred to as tanks the air. This deal inked in 2015 for whooping INR 13,952 Crore, aims for total of 24 the induced by march 2022.

This came shortly after a deal in September 2015, worth INR 8,048 Crore to begin the induction of another troop of iconic US helicopters. The “Chinooks”. heavy-lift helicopters, capable of transporting howitzers and troops  to forward and highlands covering china and Pakistan. 15 chinooks introduced to IAF ramping up its airspace fighting capabilities in high altitudes and abnormal geographies.

Guarding both the eastern and western fronts, chinooks will be based in Chandigarh and Dinjan(Assam) and the Apaches will be at the Pathankot and Jorhat airbases.


“Armed with stringer air to air missiles, Hellfire Longbow air-to-ground missiles, guns and rockets. These Apaches are truly tanks in the air customised according to IAFs requirements”. Says the IAF spokesperson Captain Anupam Banerjee on Saturday. He adds “In terrain with mountainous, the helicopters would have important capabilities. They will have the capability to operate in hostile airspaces with threats from the ground. And carry out precision attacks at stand-off range.

Caption Anupam states further: “The ability of these helicopters to transmit and receive the battlefield pictures, to and from the weapon systems through data networking, make them a lethal acquisition. These attack helicopter will provide significant edge in future joint operations in support of the land forces”

Both ground crew as well operational crew, handpicked have been going through trainings at the US Army  base Fort Rucker, Alabama. “These personnel will be leading the Apaches fleet operations in the IAF.” says captain Anupam

Following the IAF, Army and the Navy are not lagging in the ramp ups of fighter helicopters. Army, after a bitter scuffle with the IAF on the Apache deals, is also in a course to get six Apache helicopters for a deal of INR 4,168. Navy, on the other hand has dealt on to induct 24 MH-60 “Romeo” helicopters from the US.

In conclusion, what do you think about this move from Army? Also, write your views in comments below.

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