Nike Launches Hijab for Woman


Nike became the first Major Brand to launch Hijab for Woman. Most of the Muslim women all over the world wear a partial veil called as Hijab. Which covers their ears, hair and neck area.

Nike made a special design to make sports more easy and comfortable for Muslim women. Who have known to avoid such things due to their level of comfort. The inventory goes on sale in 2018.

Light fabric has teeny-tiny holes for breath-ability. Also, the length is such a way as to stop it becoming untucked during physical activity.

It seems the development has took over a year for the sporting hijab.

There have been Sporting hijabs for several years. But, it’s interesting to see Nike come forward to embrace the sports needs of all the Muslim women.

Other Smaller sporting brands such as ResportOn and Capsters have previously been the leading brands of sporting hijabs.









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