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Sophia Hadjipanteli is challenging beauty expectations


Sophia Hadjipanteli, a 21 year old model accidentally tinted her naturally blonde eyebrows with black. She became a major catalyst for the bushy-brow movement. The unconventional model has built up an impressive social media following ever since embracing her unibrow.

As a child of immigrant and refugee parents, it is really difficult to be reduced to “just a common white girl.”

“I don’t have the same dark features as rest in my family, but that does not mean my culture is any less in the present. But, I don’t know just my opinion”, she says.

‘Consequently, for me, it’s about doing whatever makes you happy’ – Sophia Hadjipanteli explains her reason for the unibrow movement.

In conclusion, would you go for all natural? Write your comments below.

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