Nithyananda beautifuly explains e=mc2 – ROFL


e=mc2 by Einstein was all wrong. Swamy Nithyananda is simply great.

Nithyananda lives in 3050 and we still stuck in 2018.

But, it all happens in My India.
One swami clarifies Einstein theory and confirms his stupidity
Furthermore, one yogi wears coolers & sneakers & travels in fancy bikes..
Another yogi sells from biscuits to noodles..
Any resemblances to living people is purely a coincidence

Intensity and Continuity belong to all Manifestation.

Intensity > Continuity = Energy
Continuity > Intensity = Matter

But, there is no fine line between Intensity and Continuity.

His Divine Holiness Gurumahasannidanam Bhagavan Paramahamsa

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