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Odisha Celebrates Raja Parba To Pamper Menstruation

source: Telegraph India

We live in a world where our beliefs overpower our rationality. Somewhere down the line we still hesitate while buying our pads or by entering in temples. Odisha, the home of temples, celebrates a 3-day festival called Raja Parba in the month of June every year. This festival celebrates the onset of womanhood to pamper menstruation.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi extends his greeting on the occasion of Raja Parba.

Celebrates To Pamper Menstruation:-

However, the most interesting fact is people correlate the harvest season with the fertility season of women. 

Pronounced as raw-jaw. Thus, the festival has mythological roots. During the first three days, Bhudevi or mother earth gets her menstrual cycle. This is the reason for the short time period of the festival.

Each day holds a new name. The first day is Paheli Rajo, the second day is Mithuna Sankranti. The third day is Bhu Daaha or Basi Raja and the fourth day is Vasumati Snana.

Odisha To Pamper Menstruation

All agricultural activities come to halt. Besides, this festival is a pampering season for the women. It is believed that Mother Earth undergoes a period of regeneration. An act similar to the menstrual cycle of an unmarried girl or woman. Hence, women and girls are all decked up in new clothes and decorate themselves with alatha. Women are given a break from household chores and other work. They spend time on swings while having a gala time of 4 days. WE ALSO NEED THIS TIME. 

Girls like To Swing
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As Per The Tradition:-

The first-day girls rise before dawn and apply turmeric paste with oil to take bath in the river. No bath for the next two days. The fourth day, girls take the ceremonial bath which marks the end of their “menstruation period”.

Even after the widespread destruction caused by Cyclone Fani, the people in Odisha are conserving their belief by doing their bit.

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