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Cat filter : Pakistan’s Prime Minister Trolled 4.77/5 (13)

Cat filter

Above all the Dramas being spotted on the political front around the globe. This new act is hilarious and has become the most trending topic around the globe. We all have made mistakes on social media but this is a top notch. Pakistan’s Prime minister Imran Khan’s political party has posted a video on Facebook. In the video they were broadcasting a government discussion live. But accidentally turned on the ‘Cat filter’ in the video.

The ‘cat filter’ is a tool which started on Snapchat, essentially superimposes itself onto what it can detect as a human face. The cat filter, which consists of two cat ears, whiskers and a button nose. Along with just existing, it also adjusts to peoples faces as it moves, and adapts to add its features onto the face.

This small mistake loudly showcases their carelessness and unprofessional behavior of the nation worldwide. And has become a point to be trolled upon and make fun of.

Pakistan’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa ruling party shared a government live on Facebook, but accidentally added a cat filter onto it. Above all this unknowingly action by the Pakistani government on their Live press meeting has definitely made them famous all over the world.

Can’t imagine our politicians with such funny bone. Did it really happen or some made up thingy? Thank God they didn’t stream with any other filter.

Cats feeling extremely angry and feel insulted to the core?

But, if you were to choose a filter, what would you have chosen? Write your comments below.

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