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Odisha’s “Rasagola” Gets Recognition


Odisha has secured Geographical Indication ( GI) tag for one of it’s sweet ”Banglar Rosogolla” or Rasagola a year after it has applied for it.

Not surprisingly , Odisha had applied for the GI tag after loosing a bitter tug of war against West Bengal in November 2017. The dispute arose over the origin of the sweet called “Rosogolla”.  While the Bengal claimed that the sweet belongs to them, Odisha did not step back and claimed that the sweet dish originated in their city.

Both states presented their documents which supported their claims and consequently Bengal had secured  GI tag Rosogolla.


What is a GI tag ?

A GI tag is which recognizes , supports the claim that a product is originated in a particular locality or region. Or in other words ,it strengthens the claim that a dish traces it’s roots from a particular region .

The Registrar of Geographical Indications( GI)  in Chennai has issued a certificate registering the sweet as ”Odisha Rasagola”. The certificate is valid till February 22, 2028 critics said.

The Speaker of the Odisha Legislative Assembly Surjya Narayan Patro shared a photograph of the certificate on Social Media:

Rasagola a part of the state’s old rituals which performed for Lord Jagannath . Itt has been mention in a 15th century Odia epic ”Dandi Ramayana”. So, would you like to taste the real deal?

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