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The wall of hope in Mussoorie – 1500 plastic Bottles

the wall of hope

Wall of hope : Mussoorie is one of the most popular hill station in India. It provides everything we can ask for on a weekend . From the luscious vegetation to a spectacular view of sunset from mountains , it has all you can imagine . The locals of this fascinating destination have come up something really unique called The Wall Of Hope.

The Wall Of Hope :

The locals in Mussoorie have created ‘The Wall Of Hope which made out of 1500 plastic bottles. The bottles actually litter accumulated by the visitors in surroundings of Mussoorie. This is a 12 feet high and 1500 feet long wall for which more than 50 locals have volunteered. The wall unveiled at Bunglow ki Kandi village near Mussoorie on 18th June 2019.

The project under which the wall has been created is acknowledged as Hildaari Project . The project put greater emphasis on promoting plastic free environment and to reduce or limit the use of plastic. Above all , Hildaari project is a movement which aims to make Mussoorie one of the cleanest hill station of India . Furthermore , the wall is also a step towards encouraging visitors not to litter while enjoying the relaxing weekend there .

The wall was inaugurated by the Gram Pradhan of the village Bungalow ki Kandi , Reena Rangal on 18th June 2018. Subodh Kerkar is the man behind the design of the wall.

“The installation will draw structural strength from steel pillars being fixed two feet deep into the ground. We have created a prototype in Goa, and the structure is completely rain and wind proof. I hope the installation will inspire a sense of beauty and will complement the serene background of the hills,” Subodh Kerkar told in an interview.

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