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Online Love : Is It The True Feeling or WRONG way of looking ? 4.9/5 (10)

Online love

Online Love : Love a tiny four letter word. But is of so great density that the entire world of many comprised under it. Many died, Many sacrificed and the beauty is that the word is same but with enormous meanings to it. Every single individual has it’s own definition for love. A pure, natural and self invented aspect of everyone’s life.

Love is attachment, a belief, sacrifice and even a self pleased gratitude. It’s an element that works with any phrase of our life. Famous poets and authors started their journey with love and ended with the same. Many sacrificed for it.

But in today’s world what is the true, real meaning of this four lettered word. The density the depth of it, is it the same. Or just the word lived till now and it’s essence evaporated. We all don’t fear to stand for love. Live for it and even go beyond the boundaries. But do we still mean the same when we say love.

Give it a thought. If it has the same essence or deepened with generations and time. Then how come we find our soulmates Online on a app. An app where people decorate their lives they dream it to be. A life way beyond reality but rather just a fantasy. A way by which one can love himself and make it love others. It’s just like a curtain in our house which is just a thin layered separation between the walls but acts similarly like a wall. A sheet of cloth through which one can easily hear, see and talk by. But still acts like a huge wall a border to cross through. Same is with social media one can share his lifestyle on it but with his own story-line. Being the narrator.

When it comes to the deepest emotion of our lives that can either better your life or can erode it completely. How can someone be so desperate that they try to or even find love on internet. Or through an unrealistic medium.

OK i won’t say it’s totally a wrong way of finding love. Some do get their true Online love on internet. But many just waste time and then feel dejected about it. Somewhere it’s also snatching the real meaning, value and essence of this pure word love by choosing some shortcut and impulsive mediums for finding rather achieving it.

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