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Painting Hiding 40 Ads goes Viral. How Many You Can Spot?

Amul Butter

Growing up in the Golden Era of Indian advertising is a pure bliss. One would definitely remember the legends and the theme song of the advertisements. Ranging from the Amul girl to washing powder Nirma. I can hear you singing this. This Viral painting hiding 40 Ads capturing the beauty of Golden Era.

Painting Hiding 40 Ads –

Twitter user, Vaibhav Vishal posted a picture of a painting. The picture went viral on all social media platforms. Although, the painting captured the essence of 40 advertisements of Golden Era but how many you can recall ?

Want to test your memory? Here, is the picture that will bring back the days when life was fun not a struggle.

The painting consist of Amul girl, Nirma child shining her white frock which made us crave for it.

Amul Butter


Nirma Washing Powder
source: Navbharat Times

The painting also has a Dhara kid, who decides to leave his house because he feels unloved. Therefore, his uncle tells him to return home as his grandmother is making jalebis for him.

It also shows the doyen of Tabla, Ustad Zakhir Hussain has been popularized by being featured in Brooke Bond Taj Mehal Tea. With a tagline ‘Wah Taj!’

Wah Taj
source: Kulzy

The artwork also features  Happydent ad, Asian Paints ad featuring Ranbir Kapoor and many more.

NOTE- Many Netizens found it difficult. Twitter shares the memory.

Transitions – 

It was this Golden Period when no complaints about the ads were reported.  The time when we considered product songs as actual songs. As for now, many people complain about the advertisement regarding their product advertising method. It is said, that a well designed advertisement is not made to mark its prints but to grab attention. Earlier, advertisements imprinted their marks in our memory which we carry till now. This piece of artwork is a time travel and to remind us that how washing powder Nirma has many competitors now. (Admit this)

To summarize, there are number of advertisements that we see all the time but there are a few, with a bang on marketing strategies. Such advertisements are centered around social causes which however, made their voices heard.

What was your favourite advertisement? Comment and share in the section below.

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