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Homemaker: Yes It’s An Occupation


An occupation by choice:

Homemaker, a word we all are generally ashamed to refer . An occupation with no respect but great burden, no leave but never ending duties, it’s a job full of overtime with no credits and definitely with this great question WHAT DO YOU DO FOR WORK ?

Doesn’t this occupation sounds like slavery, specially in our country. A position that many of us look down to. A position that’s hardly a dream of someone to took upon. And a huge disgrace for the so called men to take upon.

A homemaker generally referred as a housewife is not an earning hand in the family. Her job is considered a her duty towards the family. But have you ever questioned who assign these duties and if it’s her duty, why does she gives her 100% to it when she gets nothing in return.

From money to self-respect not a single thing is in her court. Then why does she gives her best in any job she does, no one grades her, praises her for a good work. But still

People envy her for resting at home doing nothing. Yeah, they might be right getting up early cooking food for her family, washing dishes, doing laundry, taking care of her children and then being disobeyed or disrespected might be an easy job.

Homemaker is just like a cane you can’t even step forward in life without there support. They are responsible for your peaceful night and organised days.

So, remember this they are not fooling around, doing laundry, cleaning dishes isn’t a cakewalk. Hence, keep in mind it’s a job that they might love to do to keep their family happy and comfortable, they don’t search for salary but some respect.

Never feel ashamed calling your mother, wife or maybe yourself a homemaker. Feel proud to be a homemaker or to have one in your house.

Check out this video of a really proud homemaker:


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