Pakistan Releases A “Racist” World Cup Ad and Thinks That’s Funny.

Wing Commander- Abhinandan Varthaman

As the market of World Cup is hot these days. And an exchange of some quirky advertisements is grabbing the attention of the world. Further, this also makes the advertisements less sensible and less safe for the audience. The buzz created because of these advertisements impacts the mind of its audience. Pakistan releases a racist Ad to create a buzz for 16th June India vs Pakistan match.

Thus, Advertisements are the wrapped messages that one wants to deliver to a larger audience. But there are times when these ads pollute the minds of its audience.

Pakistan Released Racist Ad:-

The ad shows a man, which is none other than our Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman. The man with a trademark mustache similar to that of the commander is shown while sipping tea in a blue jersey.

In the ad, the man is asked several questions about cricket to which he repeats the commander’s statement.

I am sorry. I am not supposed to tell you this.

The Journalist named Ajay Banerjee posted the ad which grabbed the attention of the other Twitter users.  Here, the sad part is, a sensitive issue has become a prop for Pakistani authorities.

This ad strikes in our memory when Abhinandan Varthaman, unfortunately, landed in Pakistan territory and held in custody. In addition, this advertisement points to the time when Abhinandan was being questioned while sipping tea after being beaten up.

Twitter Takes The Charge:-

Twitter has its take on this which is obviously not pleasing.

Recalling the whole Balakot case where every Indian was waiting for the safe comeback of the commander. This Ad brings light to this situation and also mocks about the facial characteristics of the commander. The man’s face in Ad is blackened purposely to deliver its message. But the technique and idea of this Ad has its loopholes and brings the nation’s stupidity in open. 

Pakistan releases an Racist Ad
source: India Today


To conclude, releasing Ads to mock other nation is still understandable when we talk about two nations like India and Pakistan. But releasing such Ads which directly mocks the security forces of other nation is pure stupidity. There are times when we want to sound funny but we end up being stupid- Hence, proved by Pakistan.

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