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Amazon building surveillance network – Do we need to worry? 5/5 (1)

amazon surveillance

Amazon building Surveillance: Amazon Inc. is an American MNC based in Seattle, Washington that is well known for its e-commerce website has been helping the police departments in building surveillance network across the country.

The Ring – a home security company founded in 2013. Ring manufactures home security products that incorporate outdoor motion based cameras and smart doorbells. In 2018 Amazon purchased Ring for more than $1 billion. Now Amazon is doing a pretty good job by helping cops build surveillance networks in the neighbourhood across the US.

While residential neighbourhoods not usually lined with security cameras, the neighbourhoods will now equipped with security cameras on every doorstep. More than 50 local police departments have offered free or discounted Ring doorbells to citizens. The owners have the choice of providing footage to police, but sometimes when requested recipients may turn over the footage.

The customers have control of their video whenever they wish to share they can share using the Ring’s Neighborhood app. Ring said in a statement. “Ring does not support programs that require recipients to subscribe to a recording plan or that footage from Ring devices shared as a condition for receiving a donated device. We are actively working with partners to ensure this is reflected in their programs”.

Amazon may have helped to reduce crimes across the city. But this has also provided an unprecedented surveillance network, that invades the privacy of the consumers.


So, do you think that Big Daddy is watching all of us? Also, let us know how you feel if this to be installed at your home? Would you feel safe or paranoid?


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