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Poverty: The worst form of violence


Poverty: An unseen terror for some, but a daily routine of many. Poverty at this stage is not hidden by any single person in this country. Tough some try to ignore it but it’s impossible for many to get over it.

People dying on roads, living in gutter has become very welcoming in our country and that’s what one should pity. Investing in huge cars,wearing makeup of brands that one can’t even pronounce properly, sitting on a couch and watching a fun show on T.V is something we are much fascinated about and gossiping about it makes our day. It’s our favorite pass time.

Do we really love our country and the people around us

Screaming loudly we love our country don’t make any sense when we are more concerned about the makeup we wear, new gadgets launched, than the people around us. Ranting about not having a shower in a bathroom is very easy but thinking about those who are dying due to lack of water aches our brain, so we don’t even bother to think about it.

If i’ll help him it won’t make any difference, what can i do there are thousands living in poverty, let’s just concentrate on our lives first, are some statements that easily slips out of our mouth without a second thought because it’s always me and not us.

Proudly saying that we live in a developing country and keenly studying the economy of it doesn’t feel right to me when  44% of children under the age group of 5 are underweight, approximately 70% of infants and 52% of married women have anaemia.

Our we stepping on others

Government making new policies in order to gather votes, being the ruling party by manipulating people leaving thousands of us on roads is insane. The amount of corruption we have as a huge barrier to progress can’t be imagined. Cutting down seats by paying for it will not make us educated or rich it will only make those deserving people poor who stays behind as they are helpless. Segregating people on the basis of their class calling them untouchable doesn’t make us any big. Have we ever thought why there exist a lower class, why aren’t we all equal. We have a lot of time for debating on the perks people of lower caste gets. But if those we really need those benefits to grow are availing it then there should exist no class difference, no untouchables.

People sleeping on roads is not a thing to ignore, just think about it before debating. Debates will only help you progress not those who are even struggling to breath.

Moreover if we are proud to be an Indian let’s behave like one, let’s think of us and not just me, let’s hold the hand of those who can’t stand on their own because it’s our country, our India.

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