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Ancient Currency – Do we know? Remember these famous lines?

ancient currency

Ancient currency in India have their origin way way back. But you sure know these or must have heard about them in movies. Lets find out.

Indian history at its best. Know what happened to these ancient currency.

See the transformation below:
Phootie cowrie to cowrie
Cowrie to Damri
Damri to Dhela
Dhela to Pie
Pie to Paisa
Paisa to Rupaya

3 Phooti cowrie = 1 cowrie, 10 cowrie = 1 Damri.

2560 cowrie = 256 Damri = 192 Pie = 128 Dhela = 64 Paisa = 16 Anna = 1Rupaya.

And remember these phrases ?
Ek Phootie cowrie nahi dunga!
Do cowrie ki aukat nahi hai!
Pie pie ka hisab lunga!
Jaan Chali jaye par Damri na jaye!
Vo kisiko ek Dhela naa de!

‘dhele’ ka kaam nahin karti hamari bahu

chamdi jaye par ‘damdi’ na jaye

ancient currency

Beautiful looking aren’t they? You have listened to them in old hindi movies.

How to sell if you have old coins?

There are loads of online resources available with details and market values.

If you have many spare coins for sale. Try listing them on eBay. But say you have a coin that’s worth alot and customers in eBay won’t trust you for that, then approach a auction houses such as (only to list a few)

  1. Imperial Auctions.
  2. e-Shop- Online auction, Coins Auction in India, Coin Seller, Stamp Seller in India
  3. Classical Numismatic Gallery

In conclusion, how many ancient currency do you have collected in your piggy bank? Write in comments below.

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