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Pregnant Cow begs and kneels with tears in eyes to owner to spare it’s life

pregnant cow begs

Pregnant Cow begs and kneels with tears in eyes to its owner to spare it’s life

Most of us eat Non Vegetarian food. But have we ever thought that we might be eating some animal’s mother, some animal’s child. We don’t consider a piece of meat in our fridge as a living being. All we want to do is satisfy our hunger.

A Heart breaking video was taken outside a slaughter house in China. It is said that the cow was pregnant and in an unusual behavior begged its butcher to let it go

A kind hearted man paid money to buy the cow alive after this video footage went viral

Others who saw also paid £2,732 and later took it to a temple to be cared after

Pregnant Cow begs

This video clip shows the female cow that was pregnant, bending its both front legs and painfully refusing to walk with tears in its eyes.


This video that went viral on social media, led the public to donate more than £2,700 to purchase the cow unharmed and to release it. Thanks to all the kind hearted people who saved the life of an unborn animal.

We as a society have to think where we are headed. We need to change our views towards these poor and helpless creatures. From this video we learn that animals can sense what happens to them and respond accordingly. Then why can’t we as human do the same? Would it hurt to be a little kind to these animals. Who ask nothing more than a little compassion from us.

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