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Corona : Can we expect a complete lock down for seven days?


Corona : Can we expect a complete lock down for seven days otherwise the situation would become out of control and if it starts to be so the death toll would easily surpass Italy or china?

Testing more people and more positive. Given that the virus has tendencies to increase its impact exponentially total lock down is the only key. We are testing around 16000 people a day and around 80 were tested positive yesterday.

The numbers in the USA is around 1600 in 15000 tested. The indicators all show that a lockdown right now would be as good as none.

Every state government are finalizing mode of support to downtrodden section be it in form of PDS, DBT or food packets.

Economy can be reviving again if people have good health.

Basic needs of all the people can be taken care of. But if community transmission is not contained then our condition will be disastrous than Italy.

Corona : Can we expect a complete lock down

The numbers will always increase when testing is ramped up. It isn’t a live consensus but rather a statistic for authorities to better estimate the spread and characteristic of the virus. Sure, there might be contact spread happening and a lockdown would maybe help (maybe not), but just the number isn’t a factor to take into consideration. We are just testing more people for the spread that already was done.

Easy for us to ask for a complete lockdown. We are privileged enough to stay at home and still survive for weeks. More than half the Indians doesn’t have that luxury.

A lockdown should follow with government assurance of supply of essentials to all households ( at least the needy). Otherwise it is going to be mayhem.

Take the example of tomorrow’s Janatha Curfew. Today people are crowding in markets and hoarding essentials. This essentially beats the purpose of the curfew

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