Ranveer Singh: 10 photographs that will make you his “JABRA FAN”

ranveer singh

Ranveer Singh: Hold your heart and bow down to witness the iconic photographs of the King of Quirkiness and the Heartthrob of the nation. Ranveer Singh aka Baba, as paparazzi and other renowned celebrities call him. His desi casual attitude with a perfect blend of honesty makes him, our everytime favourite.

Ranveer Singh Bhavnani is a renowned Indian actor. He is the recipient of several awards also including ‘Best Boyfriend Award’ by his spouse, Deepika Padukone. Interesting much?

Instagram is a medium through which we can connect to people. So, let’s be honest here, the prime purpose is to stalk. Moreover, everytime Ranveer Singh uploads a new picture, I can bet you’ll never get satisfied with just one glimpse. So, here we are to deliver –  a dessert to your eyes.

So, the new favourite colour is introduced in the town, folks.

Mirror mirror on the wall, what you got? Tell us all.



Ranveer Singh

He is throwing shade at us.


So, what is up with that body? Like, Seriously.


But, don’t fall in love with the freshness on his face.. ( It’s a Trap)

Holi festival taken to an another level.

But, all decked up for their big day.


However, Ranveer’s quirky style was being missed at Met Gala 2019.

Murad se leke Gully Boy, ki mehnat, maine bahot hai.

A dance reality show called Super Dancers,chapter 3 showcased an incredible journey of Ranveer Singh at the time of ‘Gully Boy’ promotions. The dance performance was choreographed by Amardeep Singh Natt.  Also, which left Ranveer in tears.

Be weird and be proud of that, this will make you different from the crowd.

Also, would like to add something to it? Also, write us in the comment section below.

In conclusion, are you his Jabra Fan?



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