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UNITED NATIONS- India Israel and 24 others support decision.

UNITED NATIONS- India and 24 others support Israel's decision on NGO.

UNITED NATIONS- India and 24 others support Israel decision.

UNITED NATIONS – On 6 of June, Israel presented a draft decision “L.15”. Titled “Application of the non-governmental organisation Palestinian Association for Human Rights – Witness for consultative status with the Economic and Social Council”. That rejected the NGO Committee witness’ application for consecutive status.

Shahed is a Palestinian organization based in Lebanon that claims to deal with human rights and humanitarian issues. China wants their representation in UN. Why not same treatment with Tibet, Uyghers & HK human right organisations to represent them in UN?

India, in a very rare occurrence, supported Israel’s decision introduced in the UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) objecting the grant  for consultative status to a Palestinian non-governmental organisation after jewish state said that the organisation did not disclose its ties with Hamas.

UNITED NATIONS- India and 24 others support Israel decision on NGO.

25 countries, along with India voted in favour to 15 in against to the decision of Israel. Similarly. amongst the 25 countries were, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Japan, Korea, Ukraine, UK, and the US.

Israel’s deputy chief of mission in India consequently Thanked India for its support to Israel in the decision. Following is the tweet by her:

As result of the voting, the council decided to return the application of the NGO. The organisation subsequently, failed to present important information. When its credential were considered during the Committee on Non-Government Organisation earlier this year.

The Website said: “The Economic and Social Council decides to return the application of Palestinian Association for Human Rights – Witness to the Committee on Non-Governmental Organizations,”

In conclusion, what are your thoughts?

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