Idiot jumps in front of Speeding Truck

Saudi Idiot
Saudi Idiot

An idiot teenager in Saudi Arabia risked his life by jumping in front of a speeding truck. Fortunately he escaped unhurt and no damages to the truck according to Saudi Traffic Police.

The police said that the youth has bee arrested and will be referred to the public prosecution for further processing.

One can see the youth dancing crazily to music on a parked saloon car on the side of the road and jumping while his friend is filming his antics.

The stupid teen then jumps like a frog in front of the truck as if it were a dare.

Luckily no one is hurt. There could have been possibility that the truck could have skidded of the road trying to save the idiot teen but nothing happened of that sort.

The teenager is behind bars now.

Watch the footage of the idiot teenager below:

Comment if you know any idiots like this.

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