Sunil Chhetri pleads to Indian Fans – Watch Video


Sunil Chhetri took to social media and appealed to Indian people to support Football.

C’mon India… Let’s fill in the stadiums and support our teams wherever and whenever they are playing.

Indian football is improving and reaching several heights. But it’s sad to see no support from Government or other organizations like cricket gets. We request the Government to encourage the footballers in India with better rewards to attract more talent.

Love you Sunil. Furthermore, we hope someday Indians would appreciate a game besides cricket. You are doing a fabulous job at the international level. Almost all of us are all Proud of you.

WATCH: Chhetri Appeals

As a result, Sachin Tendulkar also supported the appeal.

Virender Sehwag had earlier congratulated Sunil on achieving his 100th Goal in international Footbal.

So what do you think is the future of Indian Football?

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