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SUNO (listen):Short Film By terribly tiny tales – REVIEW 4.86/5 (7)



Listening is a very important phenomenon. We all believe in speaking more than listening. As we can prove our selves, keep our point by speaking. But similarly we can know other’s opinion, show respect them by just giving them some time and listen what they have to say.

And we take this habit of speaking more and listening less or sometimes not even listening very casually. Since we were kids.

As a kid we learn that speaking makes one stands out in the crowd. Even parents and teachers tell us to speak up. No one guides us to sit quietly and listen up.

And till habit of speaking over others develop more with time and sometimes even worsen some relations and life. Speaking, making people listen our thoughts and opinions surely makes us dominant and feel powerful.

But giving some time to others. Listening to them can solve most of the issues. Arguing, crying, howling can never a situation better either-way.

Considering this issue (ttt) terribly tiny tales has come up with this amazing short film “SUNO” on YOU-TUBE. Staring Sumeet Vyas and Amrita Puri. This short film is really significant and sensitive.

Based on the reality how even sometimes people can be wrong, misunderstanding themselves to be right. This film is beautifully directed by Shubham Yogi and was released on YouTube on 22nd of June.

The motive of this short film is to be a certified listener. #SUNO#CertifiedListener.


An experimental night in bed ends up with a mark for the world to see. As the world looks at the mark left in bed, the couple is forced to look inside themselves and their relationship.

The film shows how a happily living couple faces theĀ  loop-hole of their relationship and realizes the importance of listening.

Do watch this short film linked below. In just 11 minutes 42 seconds it shows the realness of life.

“One of the most sincere forms of respect is actually listening to what others have to say.” There are a lot of wonderful quotes given by some renowned people on listening. But we hardly care as we are too busy in speaking.

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